Relationship Counselling

Whether you are single, in a relationship, gay, bi/pansexual or transgender relationship counselling can help you. I provide a contained space to help you find your way through difficulties you may be having in your relationship. Some of the common difficulties that can be addressed through relationship counselling are:

• Arguments

• Affairs

• Step/parenting

• Sexual dissatisfaction/problems

• Trust

• The stress of work and/or finances

• Communication

• Dissatisfaction in your relationship

• Making your relationship stronger

Compulsive sexual behaviours (Sex addiction)

Compulsive sexual behaviours (sometimes referred to as sex addiction) is when sex becomes disproportionately high priority and obsession, so that more and more time is spent planning, engaging in or recovering from chosen sexual activity. The negative consequences of this behaviour affect a person’s relationships, social life, work life, law , finances, health and their self worth. My approach of treatment of compulsive sexual behaviours is non-moralistic, empathic, non-judgmental and holistic. I am undergoing my training with Contemporary Institute of Clinical Sexology. More information regarding the approach can be found on their website 

Partner Work

The discovery or disclosure of compulsive sexual behaviours can be devastating and traumatising to a partner. Therapy can help with making sense of the devastation and healing from it to restore balance in emotional and practical ways. I do not offer therapy for both the person with compulsive sexual behaviours and the partner. If I engage in with the partner then I will refer the person with compulsive sexual behaviours to one of my trusted colleagues and vice versa. I do offer couples therapy for couples who have been devastated by compulsive sexual behaviours.

Psychosexual Therapy(Sex Therapy)

Psychosexual Therapy is a specialist area of Psychotherapy/Counselling for individuals and couples (regardless of sexual orientation). It is used to treat the sexual difficulties. The following are some of the issues which may successfully be treated using Psychosexual Therapy:

• Loss of desire

• Loss of (or lack of) sexual enjoyment

• Difficulties with sex because of earlier sexual abuse

• Conflict/concerns about the use of porn or Internet porn

• Difficulty in achieving or maintaining an erection (Erectile Dysfunction)

• Ejaculating too quickly (Rapid Ejaculation)

• Hard to reach orgasm (Anorgasmia)

• Pain during intercourse, or difficulty having intercourse (Dyspareunia, Vaginismus)

Often, sexual problems which have very obvious physical symptoms, such as pain (e.g. vaginismus) or difficulty in maintaining erections, can be treated by specific physical exercises, which would be explained by the therapist but practised by the client/s alone at home. It is also usually necessary to look at what is happening in the sufferer's thoughts or feelings. Using a combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Relationship counselling, Psychosexual therapy can be very effective in resolving sexual problems.

I have had extensive training in Psychosexual Therapy, and regularly work with clients experiencing a range of difficulties that can be addressed through such a course of treatment. There will not be a physical examination

Clients are encouraged to set their own goals, depending on what they wish to achieve. When the problem involves a current relationship, it can sometimes be helpful if both of you participate in the therapy. The therapy will involve discussing problems in a psycho-therapeutic way, and the setting and evaluation of homework tasks. Homework may be cognitive behavioural exercises or simply reflective tasks.

Family Counselling

Families are a fantastic source of love, support and encouragement but on occasions, family relationships can be placed under strain and certain family members can feel overlooked or isolated. Each family is completely unique, whether you are in a nuclear family, extended family, step family, adopted family or foster family if you are going through a difficult time, you might find it useful to talk to a trained family counsellor. The focus of sessions is to work on helping the family as a unit, rather than the individual’s difficulties. I have extensive experience of working as a family counsellor with schools across Essex. Some of the issues that can be addressed and resolved in family counselling are:

• Divorce/ separation

• Siblings not getting on

• Communication difficulties

• Anxiety and depression

• The health of a family member

• Loss

• Stress due to changes in the family situation.

Counselling For Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety can affect adults and children alike. Depression and anxiety can arise from so many sources such as a stress of school work, friendships, family break u, loss, redundancy or financial worries. Talking with to someone who provides an individual a safe place to voice and process your worries can help. I will work through issues at a tempo that feels manageable to you as an individual. Often it is the therapeutic alliance with your counsellor is the what supports you in moving to a better place.


I am a trained and experienced supervisor. I am qualified to supervised counsellors working with couples, individuals, young people and families. Supervision is typically available face-to-face at my Practice or via Skype. Through supervision, I aim to provide supervisees with the following opportunities:

• The experience of a safe and supportive environment to make personal reflections on their clinical practice.

• The space to discuss and build case formulations and treatment plans for individual clients.

• The chance to develop therapy skills and techniques, using role play exercises, case discussion and reviews of the latest research literature and practice guidelines.

• A learning environment to make theory-practice links using the latest models/protocols and research.

• A safe space to discuss any concerns about particular clients, in confidence and with discretion.

• Professional support for career development.

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